3 Things to Consider When Designing Your Pool

Think ahead and make a smart decision

There are a few important things to consider when designing your pool.

1. Size / Location

Determining the size and location of the pool is a very important first step. It depends on several factors such as the yard size, purpose of the pool (lap swimming, entertaining, large crowd/family, maximize space with additional spa, etc.), and of course, the budget. Also how you want to utilize your yard space can affect the placement of the pool. Do you want the pool to be the focal point of the yard and visible from inside of the house for the view? Or maybe you want the pool to be on one side of the yard, to create a child-proof play area on the other? List the most important things you’d like to do with the pool and the yard, so that you can prioritize and determine the needs for the pool design.

2. Style

Style, of course, is the most fun part to contemplate. Do you have a favorite theme, color, and feel in mind? Sometimes it’s best to match the pool style to the architecture of the house. If you have a modern style home, then geometric shape may work the best. Or if the house has more of a Mediterranean feel, then you might want to consider the Grecian-Mediterranean style. Maybe you want to create a tropical getaway using a free-form shape? Gather some pictures to brain storm your ideas, and of course, read more about each designs in our Pool Design Guide pages!

3. Features

Would you like to add a spa to the pool, that can be used even during the winter time for a relaxing outdoor soak? Beach entry for the easy access to the pool? Add a cabo-shelf to put deck chairs in, to lounge inside the pool? Or sunken bar like you’ve experienced in one of those hotel pools on your vacation? Learn more about these extra features in our Pool Design Guide page.

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