Pool Design Guide


Browse through the latest and most popular swimming pool styles and features (and yes, these pools were all designed and built by Scott.)

Free-Form Natural

Relaxed, Laid-Back, Natural

If you prefer that relaxed, laid-back atmosphere with fun and entertainment in mind, then free-form pools are right for you!


Clean Lines, Balanced, Organized

Geometric Pools are for those who prefer clean lines that are balanced and organized, which will provide symmetry to your outdoor space.


Old World, Simple, Stylistic

Desire a touch of the old world?  These beautiful, simple and stylistic designs will bring a glimpse of that sophisticated feel right into your backyard.

Extra Features

The more, the fancier

By adding these extra features, you can not only dress the pool up, but also make it more functional to your liking.  

Making a decision to build your custom pool can be an investment and a big commitment for you and your family. One of the first steps towards the process is deciding on a style, size and overall feel that will best suite you and your family’s needs.  Everyone has their own style and your pool should be a reflection of your personality.

-- Scott, founder & owner

Think ahead and make a smart decision

There are a few important things to consider when designing a pool

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